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hydrOcuse Medical Team

We offer unique hydration, vitamin, nutrient and symptom relief therapies. Our team leaders are highly experienced providers and are dedicated to getting you back to being your best!  With over 40 years of experience in caring for patients our doctors put their knowledge and expertise to work for our clients.  Come in and experience our complete rebalancing experience.  Call and book your hydrOcuse appointment to start on your journey to a more balanced you!  

Dr. Derek Cooney has over 20 years of practice expereince!  Co-Founder of the Best IV Fluid Center in Central New York!
Dr. Derek Cooney
Dr. Norma Cooney has over 20 years of expert compassionate care expereince as an emergency medicine physician!  Co-Founder of the Best Place for IV Fluids in Syracuse and CNY!
Dr. Norma Cooney
Come experience our Revitalize IV Cocktail at ONE Vida!

Premium IV Fluids and Oxygen Therapy in Syracuse and Central New York

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